Yesterday, I taught a fashion startup to write their elevator pitch as they applied for the British Council’s ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE 2016 closing today.

To be one of the two who wins N1.5m each and the top 20 participants to be mentored and enjoy networking, you must be able to write an ELEVATOR PITCH that TICKLES.

This evening, by 6pm, I will be teaching an open class on how to write an Elevator Pitch that tickles.

Guess what? It’s FREE!!!

Simply, send your name and WhatsApp number to to join the class for FREE.

Once we climax in attendance, we close the access.


To startups,

Adeleke David (Mr. Effectiveness)
Economic Revolution Strategist
T: @davidadeleke

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Have you heard about the baddest guys on the bloc?


If you haven’t, then you are stale on the latest. The baddest guys are not just the faces we all know; in fact, they are the ones who call the shots behind the scene. Just as Nigerians easily know that there is a cabal controlling the oil blocks in the Niger Delta, you must realize that there are the baddest guys on the bloc.

In today’s world, we identify good as evil and evil for good. It’s not so much a bad idea, only that there are some extremely naïve people who are far from current civilization. They are archaic and have refused to flow with the change of things. As undergraduates, we often called the most brilliant guys in my class bad guys. They were bad guys not because they did evil but because that was the slang. Likewise, in every field of endeavor, there are some bad guys who do extraordinary things. They are totally exceptional! They are the ones who make all the difference, get all the attention and the finest ladies. Don’t feel bad if you are not one of them; I can give you one simple advice: learn their secrets.

I did a study on some of them in various industries across the world. From politics to philosophy, sports to science, commerce to communication, technology to trade, entertainment to everything humans do daily, there are three discoveries that are common to them all; and that is what I want to share with you. Take names like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, Barack Obama of USA, Adolf Hitler of Germany, Poju Oyemade of Nigeria, Oscar Pistorius of South Africa, Usain Bolt of Jamaica, Sylvester Stallone of Hollywood 🙂 just to name a few popular names.

Finally, here are the secrets of the baddest guys on the bloc. Don’t waste my effort by stopping it at your brain level, translate it into action and become another bad guy! 🙂

Discovery 1: People Proficiency

The baddest guys on the bloc are people proficient. They are the ones who get to have everyone as friends even though some are sworn enemies. The trick is that they have a kind of aura around them that makes them appealing to everyone that they meet. At least, most people like them, especially those that matter most to their success. In the 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene wrote in page 44 what he called, “Court attention at all cost”. This I found to be one of the deep things about the baddest guys on the bloc. They manage to keep all eyes on them. They never bore us with repertoires and stale stuff. They always have something new up their sleeves. They know how to attract people and most importantly, keep people. Read about P. T. Barnum, the 19th Century showman.

The flip side of the coin is that they know how to handle difficult people without struggle. I bet that most of us prefer to avoid difficult people totally; not these bad guys. Rather, they hunt for them. Difficult people are by far one of your best chances at gaining attention and building a reputation in an already crowded environment or industry. Where there are so many faces and brains, go after what most people run from. Difficult people could be frustrating without a doubt, but know for certain that they are like hard-to-get ladies – an egg with a hard shell covering and soft inside. Check my blog title on handling difficult people.

Watch out for the other discoveries in my next post.

To your Effectiveness,

Adeleke David

(Effectiveness Expert)