FLOURISHING IN AUSTERITY: Practical steps to take in a recession

“Recession is an opportunity to leap, not a season to squat.”

We are in a recession. That’s the  reality. But it doesn’t have to be your own business reality.

I’ve often said, “Recession is an opportunity to leap, not a season to squat”, and the earlier you take that to heart, the better for your experience in business.

There are things you can begin to do now to recover your business from the grip of the recession – practical things. These practical steps are the focus of our discourse in this compact course courtesy #StrictlyStartups.

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Quickly, the course details:

Date: Friday, February 19th 2016

Time: 6:00 pm (GMT+1)

Venue: WhatsApp

Access Fee: N2,000/ $10 only

To register, pay the access fee into designated bank account (international course participants will be provided with a bank dollar account to pay into), send your NAME, WHATSAPP NUMBER and BUSINESS NAME to STARTUPPLUSNG@GMAIL.COM.

To get bank details, please call Rachel on +234 808 844 1154.

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This course was made possible by StartUpPlus Africa’s #StrictlyStartups Project.



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If you listen to FM radio or watch MTV Base, BET, or SoundCity, you must be a fan of the top ten countdown just as I am. Many times, I have questioned the order in which the videos were presented. The only problem was that the producer never heard me.



There is a favorite countdown I wish to reel out in this post. Watch out for it, so it doesn’t land on your head like a coconut. Before I get into them, can I ask you a question?

Have you ever failed before?

I bet your answer is yes. But if you answered “No”, you have to prove it to me. But seriously, have you failed woefully, like three times in 7 weeks?! I have. That was my New Year gift from year 2013. It was a terrible time for me. My bubble burst; my banana was smashed; my passionate drive was quenched; my dreams were almost shattered. It was devastating. Let me not bore you with details of what happened those three times, but know this: those failures taught me some very valuable lessons that I will never forget for the rest of my life!

Here is the top ten countdown of valuable lessons from three woeful failures in the first 7 weeks of 2013:

Number 10: STAY IN CONTROLNever give up control of your business to your customers or prospects.

Resist the temptation of relying on your prospects or customers to know what your next move should be. Run the business, stay in-charge of your life, and don’t become a passenger.

Number 9: STAY COMPOSED – Don’t be too far out there in exuberance.

Good ideas command one’s enthusiasm, but you must keep yourself within the reach of reality. Don’t get so excited about space that you forget about the law of gravity. Keep reality before your very eyes.


Number 8: AVOID RISKY FOOLISHNESS – Don’t run into debt if you can avoid it (in fact I ran into many of those debts foolishly!)

Taking risk is inevitable in business and in life. Playing safe doesn’t prevent nasty stuff from happening, but you must resist the impulse to be foolish and irrational in decision-making. Don’t be foolish with risk.

Number 7: PLAY THE GAME – Entrepreneurship is a game; a game of trying out an idea to see if it will work; not a do-or-die affair.

Enjoy the process and pokes of your path in life. Games are to help us recreate while we reconfigure for the next challenge. Enjoy every bit of the show! Laugh at yourself often, and try to “confess” yourself.J

Number 6: BE FLEXIBLE – Don’t be egotistical. Stubbornly sitting on to a dead horse won’t make it run.

Whatever doesn’t work doesn’t work! Be open to new idea, especially from unlikely sources. Be creative and flexible. Rigid people lack a broad perspective. Don’t be too proud to try suggestions from others.

Number 5: BE POSITIVE – Redefine the failure to your advantage.

Never let the experience have the final say. Whatever you name the event is what it becomes. Make sure you have the final say; and ensure you customize it to favor your progress.

Number 4: SEEK COUNSEL – There’s always a wiser option that is more uncomfortable.

When Jimi Tewe told me to postpone, it was like the sun was crashing down on me! Good counsel is not supposed to be comfortable; it’s meant to make you comfortable.

Number 3: MAXIMIZE THE MOMENT – Failure is a treasure not a seizure.

Take advantage of whatever opportunity the moment carries within it. Though I failed, I took advantage of it to market our first 3-days workshop (which was highly successful) to the same prospects. Be crazy!

Number 2: LIVE, LOVE LIFE AND YOURSELF – Don’t punish yourself; enjoy life.

If you are goal-getter like me, you never stop half-way. And what if you stop like I had to stop? Move on. Buy yourself what you love to drink or eat. Go swimming. Go on a date with your beloved. Sleep. Live life!

Number 1: STAY TENACIOUS ENOUGH – Never give up till it’s obviously dead.

Don’t give up until it is obvious nothing else can be done. Most people give up way too early. For me, I gave up after 4pm the day before the workshop was supposed to hold. Wait out your hope hours.


There it is! My top ten countdown of valuable lessons I learnt from a streak of critical failures within the first 7 weeks of 2013. I hope it helps you handle failure better, and avoid terrible aftermaths that accompany such failures.

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To your effectiveness,

Adeleke David Adekunle

Effectiveness Expert


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Have you been to the future lately?

 future imagine

The future is so far ahead that it can hardly be imagined by most people. It is as abstract as a wish from a fairy tale. The future, for many people, is like a barbed transparent fence with a sign hanging on it: MILITARY ZONE, KEEP OFF! How many times have you seen that sign and immediately jumped over the fence into the confined area? I bet you never thought of it. Sadly, that is what the future is to a lot of people.

Let me say this : There are three kinds of problem solvers: those who solve past problems, those who solve current problems and those who solve future problems. None of the three is a mediocre but not all of the three can have the same degree of influence and impact on the earth. Those who solve future problems are the real world influencers; they take a trip into the future, identify the problems people are likely to encounter there, develop solutions to those problems, then they wait for people to arrive there. The paradox is that when the people arrive there, they often never know what their problem is until the real influencers show them what their problems are, followed by the solutions. That is how such people become extraordinarily influential and wealthy.

If you cannot get into the time machine and take a trip to the future, say 35 years from now, to locate what the problems of mankind will be with respect to your area of expertise, you are not ready to receive the future; and you cannot be relevant. Every enterprise has a future, but the relevance and significance of every enterprise is dependent on the ability of the entrepreneur to arrive in the future long before mankind gets there. This is my drift, and you better catch up on the trends now so that you don’t get left behind in history.

Attend THE FUTURE OF ENTERPRISE Workshop where you will discover exactly what you need to do to stay relevant and significant in the future of your industry.

In this session, you will learn the following:

1.      How to be unusually productive in your work

2.      The secrets behind outstanding performance in a hostile environment

3.      How to be and stay significant in your field

4.      What it takes to be exceptional among similar brands

5.      The changing trends across various fields of endeavor and how they affect your enterprise and career.

6.      How to generate non-stop growth of your career, enterprise and personal life.


DATE:  Friday, April 26, 2013

VENUE: Niger Insurance House (4th Floor), 302/304 Ikorodu Road, Anthony, Lagos.

TIME: 9.00AM – 3.00PM

REGISTRATION FEE: N5,000/Participant (covers workshop materials and lunch)

TO REGISTER: Pay N5,000 to GTBank Account number 0123305467, in favour of THE ICON COMPANY. Send your payment information and personal details to the email address below.

Call these hotlines: +234 808 844 1154, +234 806 247 8090

Or send an e-mail to theiconcompany@gmail.com

Guarantee the future of your career, enterprise and personal greatness; make it a date!

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Adeleke David