Download 7 Startup Blunders (eBook) by Adeleke David Adekunle

Merry Christmas!!!

I believe this will be a Christmas with a difference. While you rock and ride, wine and dine, don’t miss out on the true essence of Christmas: that Jesus was born to set us at liberty to fulfill our purpose for living.

If you ask me, “what is your own purpose?” I would respond, “My purpose is to execute an economic revolution in Africa” hence, my identity: Economic Revolution Strategist. And one pivotal way for carrying out my purpose is to power startups for growth and flourishing. I help startups gain control over the factors that influence their survival, growth and flourishing.

The book below is a gift to you. It must never be sold anywhere, by anyone for any reason. It’s an investment into the fulfilment of my purpose. I’ve written it so you can avoid the deadly mistakes that kill startups in 2015 and beyond.

7 StartUp Blunders - eBook

Feel free to share it with everyone you love and hate.


To your control,

Adeleke David Adekunle

(Mr. Effectiveness)


Click the link below to download 7 Startup Blunders: deadly mistakes that kill startups.



7 StartUp Blunders- The E-Book































7 STARTUP BLUNDERS: Deadly Mistakes That Kill Startups (#NewBook)

Christmas is here!!

I have taken out time to think through what would be a fantastic Christmas gift for startups out there. My conclusion was to give something valuable that can change the course of their experience in the coming year 2015.

I present the all-new eBook, 7 STARTUP BLUNDERS: Deadly Mistakes That Kill Startups.

7 StartUp Blunders - eBook

The book will be released on Sunday, December 21, 2014. I will be speaking to about one hundred young startup entrepreneurs on that same day and I think the book will make a great gift for every one of them.

It’s yours for the taking. I kept my promise to keep it short, direct, easy to understand and practical.

And the good part is this: IT IS FREE!

You simply have to request for it. That tells me you really want it. So get to it. Send a request email to using “7 StartUp Blunders” as the subject.

To every startup out there…this is for you!

To a fabulous 2015…

And to power to control your growth as a startup…

You are an Icon!

Adeleke David

Mr. Effectiveness