7 STARTUP BLUNDERS: Deadly Mistakes That Kill Startups (#NewBook)

Christmas is here!!

I have taken out time to think through what would be a fantastic Christmas gift for startups out there. My conclusion was to give something valuable that can change the course of their experience in the coming year 2015.

I present the all-new eBook, 7 STARTUP BLUNDERS: Deadly Mistakes That Kill Startups.

7 StartUp Blunders - eBook

The book will be released on Sunday, December 21, 2014. I will be speaking to about one hundred young startup entrepreneurs on that same day and I think the book will make a great gift for every one of them.

It’s yours for the taking. I kept my promise to keep it short, direct, easy to understand and practical.

And the good part is this: IT IS FREE!

You simply have to request for it. That tells me you really want it. So get to it. Send a request email to info@startupplusng.com using “7 StartUp Blunders” as the subject.

To every startup out there…this is for you!

To a fabulous 2015…

And to power to control your growth as a startup…

You are an Icon!

Adeleke David

Mr. Effectiveness