FLOURISHING IN AUSTERITY: Practical steps to take in a recession

“Recession is an opportunity to leap, not a season to squat.”

We are in a recession. That’s the  reality. But it doesn’t have to be your own business reality.

I’ve often said, “Recession is an opportunity to leap, not a season to squat”, and the earlier you take that to heart, the better for your experience in business.

There are things you can begin to do now to recover your business from the grip of the recession – practical things. These practical steps are the focus of our discourse in this compact course courtesy #StrictlyStartups.

Flourishing in austerity flyer

Quickly, the course details:

Date: Friday, February 19th 2016

Time: 6:00 pm (GMT+1)

Venue: WhatsApp

Access Fee: N2,000/ $10 only

To register, pay the access fee into designated bank account (international course participants will be provided with a bank dollar account to pay into), send your NAME, WHATSAPP NUMBER and BUSINESS NAME to STARTUPPLUSNG@GMAIL.COM.

To get bank details, please call Rachel on +234 808 844 1154.

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This course was made possible by StartUpPlus Africa’s #StrictlyStartups Project.




Yesterday, I taught a fashion startup to write their elevator pitch as they applied for the British Council’s ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE 2016 closing today.

To be one of the two who wins N1.5m each and the top 20 participants to be mentored and enjoy networking, you must be able to write an ELEVATOR PITCH that TICKLES.

This evening, by 6pm, I will be teaching an open class on how to write an Elevator Pitch that tickles.

Guess what? It’s FREE!!!

Simply, send your name and WhatsApp number to startupplusng@gmail.com to join the class for FREE.

Once we climax in attendance, we close the access.

Find details on HOW TO WRITE KILLER BUSINESS PLANS here: https://goo.gl/qd4Dvz

To startups,

Adeleke David (Mr. Effectiveness)
Economic Revolution Strategist
T: @davidadeleke

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Do you have an idea or project you really need funding for?

It is not any news that investors will first want to see your business plan before they decided whether your idea or project is fundable. The issue really is about what your business plan says to the reader within the first few minutes they take a look at it.

Right now, the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program is on offering an opportunity for 1,000 entrepreneurs across Africa to receive seed capital of $5,000 each (estimated at N850,000). Also, the British Council’s Enterprise Challenge 2016 application closes tomorrow with N1.5 million up for grabs by the winner, and 20 other winners will travel to the UK for mentoring with Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic.

Between where you are and the prize money you seek is what I call a “Killer” Business Plan.

Business plans have for long been technical write-ups with jargons that even the entrepreneur doesn’t understand. But hey, that is about to cease.

My organization, StartUpPlus, has launched a project designed to help birth and nurture 100,000 startups in 2016: Strictly Startups Project #StrictlyStartups. Now, #StrictlyStartups is hosting a novel training on HOW TO WRITE KILLER BUSINESS PLANS particularly for those of you putting in for venture competitions. Find details below:

killer business plans
How to Write Killer Business Plans by StartUpPlus

The interesting thing about this training is that it holds on WhatsApp, meaning that wherever in the world you are, you can be a part of the training; and the fees are excruciatingly subsidized to alleviate cost concerns.

There is no reason why you won’t want to be a part of this! CALL RACHEL NOW!!!

It’s easy to register:

  • Call Rachel or send an email to get payment details.
  • Make payments, then send your WhatsApp number to us via e-mail to startupplusng@gmail.com
  • Show up in class after you have been added to the WhatsApp class.

Time is 6pm (West African TIme, GMT +1). See you in class.

To startups,

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Adeleke David (Mr. Effectiveness)


Combo Benefits: Mr. Effectiveness special give-away


Thank God it’s Tuesday!!!

Today, we are pleased to announce the COMBO RELEASE of Four Profound Personal Revolution Titles from ICLC: SUPERB WORKER, EXCEPTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS Essentials, ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT and DARE TO SUCCEED.

We just put together a special introductory offer for a “Combo Package” containing all four titles for a token of 15k.

The combo package comes with a FREE 1hr coaching session (worth 25k), a virtual conference on one of the titles and a discount voucher for any of 3 options.

Only our first 100 buyers will be eligible for this combo package offer. The number is already rising. Make hay while the sun shines.

Facilitators in the package include: Jimi Tewe, Ayodolapo Ajao, Yomi Alexander-Idowu, Dele Ayo Bankole and Adeleke David (Mr. Effectiveness)

You can take advantage of this offer at our Icon Hub at 7 Star Worker on Thursday, May 1st at Lagos Airport Hotel from 9.30am.

Kindly share this with your loved ones and rebroadcast.

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Adeleke David, Host Facilitator. 74089562

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Easy Way, Better Way


Happy Easter to you friends.

It’s been quite a while I shared some insights on effectiveness with you. Gratefully, I have some interesting news for you all. And that’s what I’m doing this post for.

For some months, our organization, ICLC has been undergoing a strategic rebirth. This has necessitated an intervention from me as the leader. I can say that we are laying the building blocks of what you will know ICLC for in the coming years.

That makes me wonder, what kind of a career person will you be by 2020? In simple words, what is your career vision?

Your answer to that question must for the basis for every decision made, action taken, behavior, policy adopted and principle you adhere to. Your career vision is the singular most important factor you should have before you even get a job.

To your career effectiveness,
Adeleke David Adekunle
(Mr. Effectiveness)

Be at the 7-Star Worker Conference convened by Jimi Tewe on May 1, 2014 at the Lagos Airport Hotel. Register now at http://7starworker.com/2014-conference-registration/

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Perception: The crucial moments in communication

Perception is everything!

Perception is stronger than reality, and when communicating, it is vital to take that fact into serious consideration. In this live training video, I speak on how perception affects communication and how you can use it to your advantage in order to communicate effectively.
Watch the video and share the link! Thanks.

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Adeleke David Adekunle
Mr. Effectiveness

DEATH RACE: Last Man Standing

When he got framed with the murder of his wife and got sentenced to prison, Jensen Ames became Frankenstein, the Death Race Champion without an option. He found himself racing against hard core criminals who were sworn to death. They raced before millions of viewers over the internet and bets went like a spree each race day. Some people made money from this deadly entertainment of sheer baseness, while some risked their existence to thrill people they knew not.

In the world of business and even in the workplace, many people are in a death race. You find the influence of the occult in the workplace and in the business environment just to beat out the other “competition” and win the promotion or the contract. If you are not approaching your career or business like a death race, you are doing the right thing; and I congratulate you. But I would have you not be ignorant of the devices of the death racers in the same terrain with you. These people are out to get you down! If you don’t take care, they will knock you down and out of the turf.

This is it: To thrive, you must first of all survive. So you need to operate with a consciousness of the level of wickedness and lethal mindset you are surrounded with. Never take things and people at face value, and keep your head clear enough to think constructively and creatively. You must be strategically proficient to know how to respond to attacks of death racers. Whether you agree or not, you are in this death race. And you must survive to thrive.

Stay alive in business and career!

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To your effectiveness,

Adeleke David Adekunle
Effectiveness Expert