About Mr. Effectiveness

ADELEKE DAVID ADEKUNLE is a revolutionary speaker based in Lagos, Nigeria. Widely known as “Mr. Effectiveness”, he is a Certified Negotiation Specialist (CNS) from the Transatlantic Negotiation School of Business (TNSB), a Certified Church Administrator from Church Management Consult and a Certified Sex Recovery Coach from The Sex Centre. He is on the vanguard of the strategic execution of Project L.E.A.D, Premium Leadership Education for Africa’s young leaders where he is inspiring them to achieve significance in their individual fields. His versatility, originality and creativity in teaching leadership and effectiveness to children, teenagers and adults are being celebrated by people everywhere. He is Africa’s Exceptional Effectiveness Expert, and his mission to Africa is to raise revolutionaries and revamp foundations.

Adeleke David is a personal maximal effectiveness teacher, and a seasoned leadership expert whose dynamic impact has stretched across educational institutions, corporate entities, small businesses, and religious, governmental and non-governmental outfits. Adeleke coaches CEOs and executives of corporate organisations and multinationals across Nigeria and he is regarded as “The Leader’s Coach”. With a decade of immeasurable investment and experience, Adeleke hosts Africa’s premium personal effectiveness training program, EXCEPTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS Intensive, and Africa’s first ever EFFECTIVENESS CLINIC series where he helps participants diagnose their level of effectiveness using world class tests of effectiveness such as The Rightness Test of Effectiveness, The 5 Levels of Effectiveness Test, Personal Maximal Effectiveness Test and The 5 Levels of Ineffectiveness Test – all home-grown by Icon Coaching and Leadership Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.

Adeleke is highly sought after as a keynote speaker, trainer and coach in Nigeria and internationally by audiences in open and closed gatherings. Adeleke’s blog, The Leader’s Coach: http://www.adelekedavid.blogspot.com, where he shares his profound personal discoveries and experiences on personal maximal effectiveness, workplace productivity and satisfaction in life, commands readership from more than 20 countries across all the continents of the world including China, South Korea, France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Brazil, Finland, India, Switzerland, and Canada.

Adeleke was a keynote speaker at Mainland Business School (MBS) Inaugural Public Lecture in February 2013, and recently gave written permission to Mainland Business School to adopt one of his training modules – TenTimesBetter Code – as a course offering. In December 2012, an astute educationist with over three decades of teaching and senior management experience with Home Science Association Schools said to Adeleke, “I thought about you, and found that you have the wisdom and maturity of a ‘fifty-something’ years old. Your words are not a result of academics but supernatural intelligence because they are just unexplainable.”

He is the Lead Coach at Icon Coaching and Leadership Centre (ICLC), and President of HUB OF ICONS – a not-for-profit organisation established to raise revolutionaries. He convenes ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT where he, along with 15 of Nigeria’s best facilitators, empowers entrepreneurs with core skills and knowledge for exceptional performance annually in three schedules of three straight days. He is also the Convener of HUB of ICONS, the massively impactful youth mentoring program revolutionizing youths (12-24 years) in Ijaiye, Ojokoro, Lagos State. He has authored more than 20 books including the bestselling Midas Mind, ADVANCE, Psychology of Foolishness, Tough Call and Kobo-Kobo Habits. He has produced several audio premium discovery episodes including Dare to Succeed, Horse Power, 7 Powers of Productivity, Developing Superb Work Habits and Make Everyday Friday.

He has facilitated at Keystone Bank Plc, Ikosi-Isheri LG of Lagos State, Mainland Business School (MBS), Lagos Empowerment Resource Network (LEARN) (Pet Project of the First Lady of Lagos State, Her Excellency, Dame Abimbola Fashola), Arch Koncepts and Ideas Ltd (Design+Build), OTS Computers, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ministry of Life International, Global Impact Church, Barnabas International, International Disciples of Christ, The Lord’s Crew (TLC) among others.

In his own favourite words, “You are an ICON!”

To learn more about Adeleke David Adekunle, please visit: www.adelekedavid.com/About.

Get access to Adeleke David’s latest thoughts, discoveries, lessons and priority information by subscribing to his blog: The Leader’s Coach: http://adelekedavid.blogspot.com

To invite Adeleke to speak at your event or facilitate a training session or seminar, please send an e-mail to leadcoach@adelekedavid.com OR visit www.adelekedavid.com and click on “Invite Adeleke”.

If you have any questions about Adeleke David Adekunle’s premium discovery episodes, coaching and services, please email: info@adelekedavid.com, iconcoach@gmail.com or call (+234) 808 844 1154


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