Monday Fever (2): A Worldwide Condition

Good afternoon!

It’s the first Tuesday in August! Since yesterday morning, we’ve seen several sad-face #MondayFever dps on bbm. Do you have any? Share the pictures with us on Instagram: @eshowtv and Twitter: @Eshowtv.

It’s worth the mention that Ebola is in town. Be careful whom you make contact with. My Advice is this: Don’t be embarrassed when people decline handshakes. Many are afraid of Ebola. I was shunned too. LOL. In all crisis, there is profit. It’s a great Monday for those in #Ebola business.

Last week, we asked the billion dollar question: DO YOU LIKE MONDAYS? Several responses flowed from Twitter, in the studio and from personal contact. Some practically detest Monday! To them it ends the weekend holiday…Gosh! Some do not see the difference in days. All days are same in their eyes. Seems they have a routine… 😄
Some said Monday is sweet! Evidently, they were gonna make some money. LOL. Whatever Monday means to you, share it with us. Use hash tag #MondayFever & mention @Eshowtv on Twitter.

Today’s objective is to help you overcome the frustration & depression that comes with #MondayFever.


What exactly is #MondayFever?

Some believe it to be a medical condition. Some think it’s personal. #MondayFever according to Urban Dictionary is “when everything is extra difficult because it’s Monday”. Other online definitions speak of a medical condition, Metal Fume Fever, with symptoms.

To us, at #ICLC, #MondayFever is “a state of frustration and depression at the mere thought of going to work on Monday”. The frustration manifests as nausea, headache, raised Blood Pressure level, fear, anger, irritability, brashness etc. Some profound signs are an unhappy look, loss of passion, sluggishness, closing early, watching the time etc. Sometimes, you notice a sudden blast of energy at the appearance of entertainment (music, gisting, games movies). It was reported that staff of a certain company in Surulere, Lagos watch home videos every Monday, 8am-10am. They watch the home video on loud volume even in the presence of customers. They finish before Boss arrives. Once the boss is around, they act up like they’ve been working really hard. That is #MondayFever!

For economic development, critical issues as #MondayFever must be looked into. Their effects on productivity are very lethal! We must point out that #MondayFever is not limited to Mondays. It usually begins with Monday hence the name. Imagine the despicable state, by Thursday, of a person with no drive to start the week in Monday. That is #MondayFever.

What starts the week usually determines what stars all week. ~Adeleke David

Here are some fundamental ideas about overcoming #MondayFever:

1. Everyday should be enjoyed like Friday.
We should thank God it’s Monday too!
2. Your job is your opportunity to fulfill purpose.
Your purpose is tied to work!
3. Passion on your job needs frequent refills.
You can’t run a full tank for life!

Knowing those fundamental ideas, you can correctly position yourself to overcome the frustration associated with #MondayFever. #MondayFever isn’t a jumping disease. There are triggers. Here are ten reasons why people suffer #MondayFever:

Reason 1: Working under a difficult boss.
Inability to handle a difficult boss is frustrating!

Reason 2: Distorted Workplace Psychology.
Ignorance of the essence of work triggers #MondayFever.

Reason 3: No vision for working.
Working with no personal vision for your role is a detriment.

Reason 4: Absence if clear purpose for working.
Working without knowing why leads to confusion.

Reason 5: Sexual Harassment
Some people are being sexually harassed by orientation & by contact.

Reason 6: Workplace Politics
When office politics corrode workplace atmosphere, the consequences are grave. No one wants to work in war zone.

Reason 7: Job is off Career Path
Working in a job role out of your career path easily pushes you off the cliff.

Reason 8: Overstay on current job.
You don’t need 25yrs to make impact. Move once you’re done!

Reason 9: Incompetence
Insufficient ability to perform on the job and deliver high quality finish is depressing.

Reason 10: Drained Enthusiasm/Passion
Lack of motivation or burn out is disadvantageous to work.

These ten reasons are snapshots of why people suffer from #MondayFever. As said earlier, there could be more. We suggest you subscribe to our Twitter handle, @Eshowtv, so that you get notified as we tweet on each of these ten reasons. Watch out for short video clips of our studio moments on instagram. Follow us @eshowtv on Instagram. Videos launch this week. You can also get access to podcasts of LIVE broadcasts of our radio show, #EffectivenessOnRadio, airing every Monday on Praise World Radio ( via our SoundCloud channel:

You are an Icon!

To your effectiveness,

Adeleke David Adekunle
(Mr Effectiveness)

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