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Over the next few months, I will be featuring this special segment to give you the opportunity to ask your personal bugging questions and possibly get the opportunity to have them posted live on my blog.

For this premiere edition, the featured question is from my last trip to speak to youths in Epe town on the outskirt of Lagos state, Nigeria.

QUESTION: I love music. It is my life. Music is like the lubricator for me especially when I’m faced with things I don’t like. But I’m faced with making a headway in my music career. I sometimes feel that if my parents had invested the money they invested in my university education into my music, I would have gone really far. What can I do to advance?

Mr. Effectiveness: Formal education is important and necessary. The problem is that people go to school to get the certificate (BSc.) hence they read to pass rather than learn. The overall effect is that they miss out on the advantages of formal education which includes broadening one’s mind to think critically and strategically. However, to get ahead you must ask yourself three vital questions. The answer to each of these questions should form the course of action you will take over the next few weeks.
Question 1: What can I do to earn money NOW?
Answering this question helps you to quench the flames of day-to-day financial concerns including feeding, transportation and communication.

Question 2: What can I do to earn money SOON?
Answering this question provides a backdrop upon which you can make your plans for the nearest future. If what you are doing isn’t earning you a decent income, what on earth are you doing then (except you already have a deep pocket).

Question 3: What can I do to earn money LATER?
This informs your investment priorities. Knowing what will earn you money in the later future helps you prioritize your investment plans towards that specific thing.

Tying the three together equips you with ready answers in terms of strategy for advancement. Without results, people begin to doubt the validity of your dreams. You don’t want that. Think industry wide not specifics. Love for music doesn’t have to be singing; it can be other areas within the same industry. This way of thinking broadens your perspective and opens you to opportunities you hitherto may have passed up.

Focus on the action steps for NOW, start working on those for SOON and start investing towards the ones for LATER.

You are an Icon!

To your career effectiveness,

Mr. Effectiveness

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