ZERO TOLERANCE: Controlling How Much You Earn


What is your Zero Tolerance Level?

Nations are governed by laws and regulations; some countries have zero tolerance for certain crimes. In Singapore for example, the penalty for possession or use of marijuana is death! There is zero tolerance for such criminal acts. Zero tolerance is the extent to which you can accept a thing including good things.

I want to introduce you to another dimension of zero tolerance. As I write, it’s my birthday today and I am doing a lot of reflection on the last 365 days of my life. In retrospect, I discovered that my zero tolerance has taken a sharp increase in the last 365 days; thanks to T. Harv Eker’s book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. A year ago, my zero tolerance was just three to four zeros. Now, it has jumped to six to seven zeros. And I am sworn to take it to nine zeros before December 2013.

This is the powerful thing: each person can tolerate only a fixed number of zeros, and that determines their prosperity level. If you can only tolerate three zeros, no matter how much you wish, hope, pray and even work, you will never earn more than three zeros figures. More than a year ago, I really desired, or so I thought, to earn anything from six to nine zeros but the truth is that I was fixed to tolerate only three or four zeros. Guess what? All I attracted and ever earned was not more than four zeros. Why? Because I could not tolerate more than that; and it did not matter how sincerely desperate I was for higher earnings or what dire financial needs I had.

To increase my earning potential, I not only had to work harder, I had to raise my zero tolerance. That was when I latched on that book. After reading it, I started writing proposals for figures as high as seven to eight zeros. Truth is that no one has paid me those eight zeros but companies have begged me to take six zeros. That said something to me: I am way above the six zero tolerance level already. So I comfortably ask or charge anything from seven zeros above now because I can tolerate it.

My next target? 10 zeros! You guessed right…lol.

The question is: What is your Zero Tolerance Level?

You are an Icon!

To your financial effectiveness,

Adeleke David Adekunle

Mr. Effectiveness