“Money is the most important thing in life; it surely us not
the least important thing either.”

money wheel

The subject of money has brewed a lot if controversy among different social and religious settings. But one thing is certain, money is an integral part if daily life. Truth be told, if you have handled and experienced money that is noteworthy or you have met crucial needs of yours or loved ones with money in your possession, you would speak in defense of money. Howbeit, money has been accorded a status undeserved, and that should be corrected.

Of all things in life, money is one subject that resonates deep with people. It determines how we are perceived in social settings and how many options we can explore. Money limits your power to do good or raises it. The value or quantity in your possession labels you as rich or poor. In your hand or in your mind, you are how much money you can fathom.

Friend, never be ashamed of earning legitimately. In fact, every time you pass up an opportunity to earn, you further postpone your options in life. Those who do so commit a grievous crime against nature in that they prove to be unprofitable with the investments of space, food, clothing, equipment and technology and other blessings vested on them. They are what can be called wasteful, wicked folks.

Stop to think about how you think about money. After wisdom, money should be the next thing you should lay your hands on. Why? Money gives you a voice. A poor man is often disdained and despised simply because he has no money to show for his wisdom. Make no excuse that wisdom is more important than money, if you do you are bound to die with your wisdom strapped to your forehead. Money gives a voice to wisdom!

Walk today with a consciousness that there is money assigned to you in life, but you must lay claim to it. How? Your gifts, knowledge and talents. This is where wisdom plays an important role. Don’t just know what to do, do it. Don’t train as an expert and leave it at that, trade your expertise. Use your innate gifts, knowledge and talents to generate money. That is profitability. With more money, you can do more good to leave the world a better place than you met it.

Place a demand on your money; say “I cannot run out, I run above!”

To financial effectiveness,

Adeleke David Adekunle

(Mr. Effectiveness)