For Bosses Only!

If you have people working with you in your organization, you most likely will admit that people are some of the hottest headaches of a boss. You already have the matters of finance, strategy, competition and even marketing to worry about, and here comes the folks who are supposed to ease the burden adding theirs to it. Well I am yet to see any enterprise where personnel management is not a big deal. All the blue-chips and international organizations of this world have personnel problems that are blue-chip and international in rating. So this is the good news: you are not in a peculiar situation.

I was with a colleague and friend who also is like a mentor to me some days ago, and he was lamenting how his grocery manager had suddenly gone AWOL that morning without authorization. She travelled before dawn as far as five hours away without informing him; worse still she left her mobile phone at home so that she could not be reached. When he called the line, her husband answered the call. An hour later, she called in saying she lost her twin but it sounded like a cock and bull story to him. He was just exhausted from deep within. In my personal thoughts, I came to a conclusion that there was a missing link between his thought pattern and hers. Apparently, she was not seeing things the way he was seeing her. I was reminded of management guru, Peter Drucker’s insight: “The only worse thing than training your people and losing them is not training them and keep them.” She had some level of training from him as a business development expert but I showed him that she had to be let out to sit in trainings with managers from across the city facilitated by other speakers. And my thoughts narrowed on this:

“We cannot expect a better behavior of people we have not taught to behave better.

We cannot require of people, higher performance when we have not trained them to exceed expectations.

We must not judge their errors when we have not corrected them in love with discipline.”

                                                                                    ~Adeleke David Adekunle

Give your people your all before you require of them their best.


To your workplace effectiveness,


Adeleke David Adekunle

Mr. Effectiveness