Perception: The crucial moments in communication

Perception is everything!

Perception is stronger than reality, and when communicating, it is vital to take that fact into serious consideration. In this live training video, I speak on how perception affects communication and how you can use it to your advantage in order to communicate effectively.
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PERSUASION: The Crux of the Matter


People don’t buy products, they buy perception.

How many times have you had to compare the “advantages” of a certain product over another? Let’s make a practical example: Why do people buy Close Up more than they buy McCleans? In the first place, does toothpaste really make your teeth whiter? And has anyone ever commended you for the toothpaste you use? I bet it has never happened! But we all instinctively buy toothpaste because we have bought the perception that toothpaste cleans out germs from our mouths, makes the teeth whiter and gives us lasting fresh breath (they made us believe that the fresh breath lasts for at least 12 hours!)

To make it really simple, perception is stronger than reality!

Studies reveal that people form their perception about you or a product within the first minute of contact. That implies that you have less than sixty seconds to create a perception that favors you. You must be intentional about the perception you permit others to form about you, your brand or your products. This is the reason why some products are just unjustifiably expensive. The price is not a reflection of the cost of production but a expression of the manufacturer’s intentional efforts to create a certain perception in the minds of prospective buyers.

This new week, give your very best to how you create perceptions!

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Adeleke David Adekunle

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R.I.P Finn Hudson: Cory Monteith Passes on


The passing on of popular TV series “Glee” star Cory Monteith who played the role of Finn Hudson in the show came as a shock to not only Hollywood or his parents or his girlfriend and co-star of Glee “Lea Michele” who plays Rachael but also to the world at large.

Everyone who watches glee is a fan of Finn and as soon as the news broke out about his death the whole world was in disarray.

I am myself horrified at the tragic news!

Amid all this, I gleaned a little insight: If you do not take advantage of the opportunities that life presents to you to pursue your life-long dreams, you may never live to see them again. What if “Finn” was never seen in Glee?

You don’t have a spare life, make the most of this one life you have. Make all the mistakes you can, take all the opportunities you can, be all you can be!

R.I.P Cory Monteith aka “Finn Hudson”.

Glee is incomplete without you!

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See Finn Hudson in “Streetlight People” here

Photos of Finn Hudson

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This is a sequel to my blog post on The Baddest Guys on the Bloc!



Discovery 2: Problem Masters

Most people that I know hate problems. In fact, if you sift the prayers of one billion people, it is a cry to escape a problem. Majority love to avert problems; I bet you do too. But listen to this: If you want to be one of the baddest guys on the bloc, you must love problems! They never run from problems; in fact problems excite them. They have a natural ability to find problems and a special skill of solving those problems. I wrote recently that there are three kinds of problem-solvers: those that solve past problems, those that solve present problems and those that solve future problems. Spread into these three categories are bad guys in every facet of human endeavor. If you can do with a little advice, solve future problems in addition to any of the other two. Nothing gets past a bad guy; it must be solved however long it takes.


Discovery 3: Adaptability

The baddest guys don’t go around carrying a beaten face. They never allow an air of depression around them. They always appear stronger than everyone else; and that is not because they never feel fear but they are simply courageous enough to over-step the fear. I have often said that courage is not absence of fear but boldness in spite of fear. Whatever the conditions are, the baddest guys have learnt to adapt as fast as possible and as smoothly as they can. While others are whining and complaining about the harshness of the business environment, they adapt to the new realities. They know that every moment spent in refusal to adapt is an opportunity lost for meaningful changes to be made. This is the reason why even in the most difficult conditions, some people – bad guys – are exceptionally productive. It is not exactly that they have a better ideas, they have simply adapted long before most others. Adaptability gives a new perspective which births different strategies from the usual. I find it rather interesting that they are quick to spot changes in working conditions and business atmosphere faster than others can, giving them the advantage of pioneering adaptation.


 Ultimately, the baddest guys on the bloc excel in these three areas better than most of their contemporaries. If you think I am lying, look around you. If you think I am half correct, look at the names that are respected in your field/ industry. If you think I am wrong, continue the way you have always done things. Whatever you do, know that every man is responsible for his own success or failure in life. I hope you become the next bad guy that I will have to study.

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Adeleke David Adekunle

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DEATH RACE: Last Man Standing

When he got framed with the murder of his wife and got sentenced to prison, Jensen Ames became Frankenstein, the Death Race Champion without an option. He found himself racing against hard core criminals who were sworn to death. They raced before millions of viewers over the internet and bets went like a spree each race day. Some people made money from this deadly entertainment of sheer baseness, while some risked their existence to thrill people they knew not.

In the world of business and even in the workplace, many people are in a death race. You find the influence of the occult in the workplace and in the business environment just to beat out the other “competition” and win the promotion or the contract. If you are not approaching your career or business like a death race, you are doing the right thing; and I congratulate you. But I would have you not be ignorant of the devices of the death racers in the same terrain with you. These people are out to get you down! If you don’t take care, they will knock you down and out of the turf.

This is it: To thrive, you must first of all survive. So you need to operate with a consciousness of the level of wickedness and lethal mindset you are surrounded with. Never take things and people at face value, and keep your head clear enough to think constructively and creatively. You must be strategically proficient to know how to respond to attacks of death racers. Whether you agree or not, you are in this death race. And you must survive to thrive.

Stay alive in business and career!

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To your effectiveness,

Adeleke David Adekunle
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[New Video] FRESH FROM PRISON: Madea Visits Jail

Have you ever been to jail?

I apologize if that question seems offensive to you, but I actually meant to ask if you have ever been to jail – either on a visit, on sentence or on a mission. Any of the three situations would suffice. Jail is for most people, a no-go-area; I have never dreamt of going to jail and I believe you do not have such a dream.

But this is not the case for Madea.

If you have seen “Madea goes to Jail” by Tyler Perry, you can imagine the amazement that came with Madea’s “visit” to jail. She was on rampage and in the times when it most appeared that she was going to get really worse, Madea turned out to be such a wise voice and a positive influence on other inmates. The story is this: You cannot blame your failure in life on what someone did to you. You have to get up and take responsibility for your eventual outcome. If you don’t forgive, you give the other person power over your life.

Madea says, “You’re in this shit because of what you did; you got to take responsibility for yourself! No matter how good, how bad life goes it’s up to you. Make something good out of yourself. Now, clean up and shut the hell up! Everybody got a life and what you do with that life is up to you. Stop being the victim!”

No more complaining. No more whining. No more resentment. Get your life into shape, and move ahead. Leave the pain behind and take your life forward. Forgive, all those you have to; it’s just this one life you’ve got, and it’s too short to squander on bitterness.

Forgiveness is not for the other person, it’s for you!
I believe in your future.

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Have you heard about the baddest guys on the bloc?


If you haven’t, then you are stale on the latest. The baddest guys are not just the faces we all know; in fact, they are the ones who call the shots behind the scene. Just as Nigerians easily know that there is a cabal controlling the oil blocks in the Niger Delta, you must realize that there are the baddest guys on the bloc.

In today’s world, we identify good as evil and evil for good. It’s not so much a bad idea, only that there are some extremely naïve people who are far from current civilization. They are archaic and have refused to flow with the change of things. As undergraduates, we often called the most brilliant guys in my class bad guys. They were bad guys not because they did evil but because that was the slang. Likewise, in every field of endeavor, there are some bad guys who do extraordinary things. They are totally exceptional! They are the ones who make all the difference, get all the attention and the finest ladies. Don’t feel bad if you are not one of them; I can give you one simple advice: learn their secrets.

I did a study on some of them in various industries across the world. From politics to philosophy, sports to science, commerce to communication, technology to trade, entertainment to everything humans do daily, there are three discoveries that are common to them all; and that is what I want to share with you. Take names like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, Barack Obama of USA, Adolf Hitler of Germany, Poju Oyemade of Nigeria, Oscar Pistorius of South Africa, Usain Bolt of Jamaica, Sylvester Stallone of Hollywood 🙂 just to name a few popular names.

Finally, here are the secrets of the baddest guys on the bloc. Don’t waste my effort by stopping it at your brain level, translate it into action and become another bad guy! 🙂

Discovery 1: People Proficiency

The baddest guys on the bloc are people proficient. They are the ones who get to have everyone as friends even though some are sworn enemies. The trick is that they have a kind of aura around them that makes them appealing to everyone that they meet. At least, most people like them, especially those that matter most to their success. In the 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene wrote in page 44 what he called, “Court attention at all cost”. This I found to be one of the deep things about the baddest guys on the bloc. They manage to keep all eyes on them. They never bore us with repertoires and stale stuff. They always have something new up their sleeves. They know how to attract people and most importantly, keep people. Read about P. T. Barnum, the 19th Century showman.

The flip side of the coin is that they know how to handle difficult people without struggle. I bet that most of us prefer to avoid difficult people totally; not these bad guys. Rather, they hunt for them. Difficult people are by far one of your best chances at gaining attention and building a reputation in an already crowded environment or industry. Where there are so many faces and brains, go after what most people run from. Difficult people could be frustrating without a doubt, but know for certain that they are like hard-to-get ladies – an egg with a hard shell covering and soft inside. Check my blog title on handling difficult people.

Watch out for the other discoveries in my next post.

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