Enterprise development on the African continent is beset with huge challenges, mostly the fault of the entrepreneur. While it is not untrue that there are so many external factors standing in the way of the African entrepreneur, it stands Incontestable that there are many knowledge gaps holding back growth of business and consequentially the economy.


Many entrepreneurs in Africa meddled into entrepreneurship for the wrong reasons and have many challenges that are withholding the potential of their businesses. If African entrepreneurs have access to the kind of quality information and technical support required for profitable enterprise, the age-long statistic of only five out of hundred businesses surviving after five years will be a thing of the past. It is our desire at Icon Coaching and Leadership Centre to see the reality of so many African businesses superseding the 100 years mark. If the likes of Guiness and Coca Cola can do it, it is not a taboo for an African founded enterprise to achieve same and more.

This is why we have set up the ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT, to breach the knowledge gaps that exist and to equip entrepreneurs with the needed competencies they require to not only survive but thrive amid the hostility of the African business climate. In this summit participating entrepreneurs from the African continent will learn:

  • How to maximize their careers as employees in their own organization and become a leading entrepreneur of repute.
  • How to communicate effectively with their team members, customers, superiors and with other entrepreneurs (synergy).
  • The fundamentals and core practices of business development that outlast the uphills of entrepreneurship.
  • Best business practices, courtesies, attitudes and etiquette at business meetings, functions and events.
  • The rudiments for business branding that position your enterprise for favorable perception by prospects.
  • Strategic marketing paradigms that deliver exceptional results.

We do not host this summit because we know it all; rather we are on a mission to bring hope and revival to the businesses in Africa by Africans. We desire to see African businesses turn the trends around for good to the shame of age-long studies.

This 3-day summit runs from 23rd April to 25th April at Niger Insurance House, 302/304 Ikorodu Road, Anthony, Lagos.

To register, send an e-mail to edsnigeria@gmail.com

Join us!

Adeleke David Adekunle (Mr. Effectiveness)



Facilitators Profile

Jimi Tewe

Prior to establishing Inspiro, he worked in several organizations holding management level positions including;

Head, Talent Resourcing (Recruitment) for Bank PHB

Head, Organizational Development for United Bank for Africa

Head, Recruitment for United Bank for Africa

He also worked with global firms such as Accenture (Change Management and Human Performance Improvement projects) and Junior Achievement (Global ‘Not for Profit’ organization focused on economic development of youth). He started off his career at Restral Consulting, an indigenous management consulting firm, where he gained his foundation in training and development and also helped establish the youth development unit of the firm focused on training youth in leadership concepts.

One of the greatest achievements of his career was becoming a Senior Manager in one of Nigeria’s banks just five years after completing the compulsory National Youth Service Scheme, a feat that could take as much as thirteen years. A certified Job Evaluator with the Hay Group of South Africa and a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, Jimi has always played the role of a career coach to several individuals who are well established in their chosen professions today.

A prolific inspirational speaker and trainer, Jimi has over the years spoken to lots of audiences on topics spanning Life Management Skills, Career Management & Leadership Development and is increasingly sought after as a speaker at various occasions.

An author of two published books, Jimi finds fulfillment in helping people along their path to self discovery and self actualization.


Yvonne Ebbi

Yvonne Ebbi is the Senior Consultant of The Etiquette Place. Her quest for civility and decorum has birthed the passion to groom, develop and tutor people from all lifestyles. A graduate of the Coaching Academy, UK, Yvonne worked as a consultant in Poise, Nigeria – Certified by the Protocol School of Washington – and trained thousands of Executives in the art of Savoire-faire and Executive Presentation.

Yvonne is a two-time recipient of the Editor’s Award Outstanding Achievement in Poetry from the International Society of Poets, Owing Mills and her book of quotes “Reminisce” is fast becoming an Executive’s Manual.

She is a Social intelligence Consultant, Personal Branding Expert, Author and Award Winning Poet.

Yvonne is a sought after Speaker and Executive Coach.


Yomi Alexander-Idowu

A trainer,human capital advisor and business developer. A graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University and a member of the Institute of Business Development, Nigeria.

He was, before exiting, the Project Manager for Masterpiece Resource Development Centre and was responsible for projects like BrainFair 2009: which featured the renowned Dr. Ben Carson as key resource person; formation and coordination of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Network; programs director for the Enterprise Development Program: a training program for the development of young entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

A Facilitator at the Enterprise Development Program, where he trains on business planning and business architecture.

He is currently the Managing Partner of Alister Greene Consulting a company poised to nourish businesses for sustainable growth; by being the one-stop shop catering for their critical business development needs.


Victor Ariyibi-Oke

He is currently the MD and CEO of PoiseMedia Communications Ltd and BlueSlip Limited.

Victor Ariyibi-Oke graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University. Ile-Ife, Osun State Nigeria with a Bachelor degree in Fine-Arts. He majored in Graphics and Advertising. He also completed his Special Executive Masters Programme in Business Administration from the University of Huddersfield, UK.

Victor is the MD/CEO of BlueSlip Limited. He is the originator of the Special Executive Master’s Programme® (SEMP)® which holds in various courses including Business Administration (MBA) and International Business Law (LLM), in partnership with the University of Huddersfield, UK and his company BlueSLip Limited Nigeria. This programme is attended by top business executives in Nigeria.

Victor is the chancellor and founding president of the Metropolitan School of Business and Management (MSBM UK). MSBM is a world oriented business school registered in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. MSBM school is being accredited by the University of Wales UK and the University if Hertfordshire. MSBM offers business course such as Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Business Management, and Masters in Strategic Business IT.

Victor has also been involved with brands and re-branding process from conception to growth for over 10 years and has worked with over 60 brands. Victor is the MD/CEO of PoiseMedia Communications Limited. PoiseMedia Communications is Nigeria most popular advertising agency on-line as rated by the Google search engine. 99.9% of PoiseMedia Communications clientel in Nigeria were won over the internet, such Clientel includes Etihad Airline (UAE), Sharp Electronics (Japan), AutoDesk (UK), the makers of Maya, AutoCADD, Studio Max softwares, Hyundai Motors, Nora Spices among others.

Outside his consulting work, Victor is also a trainer in Internal Brand Strategies. He has trained various corporations both small and big. He provides organizations with the tools they need to make shifts in their business strategies, people and communication, so they can live up to what they promise.

He is currently authoring his first book which will be a Branding guide to internal branding process known as “The King of the Aisle” and “1001 Simple ways to advertise your Products”.

He develops new ways to help organizations live their brands and is currently working with leaders to help them understand how to embrace social media as a strategic branding tool..


Ola Dickxin

Exceptional Peak performance coach, communicator, financial analyst and Brand consultant, He is the CEO of Paradigm Shift Institute a human/capital development firm in Lagos, Nigeria and Five star Oil and Gas a local supply chain oil delivery service in Ogun state

Ola Dickxin has invested immeasurable resources on corporate finance and products Activation. He was celebrated on Vanguard Newspaper as one of Nigeria’s youngest entrepreneurs in 2012 and Ola seats on the advisory Board of viable SME’s in West Africa. He is the current Business Activation and admin manager at MAINLAND BUSINESS SCHOOL; an institution that stimulates workplace effectiveness and entreprueiral success in Lagos.


Adeleke David Adekunle

ADELEKE DAVID ADEKUNLE is a revolutionary speaker based in Lagos, Nigeria. Widely known as “Mr. Effectiveness”, he is a Certified Negotiation Specialist (CNS) from the Transatlantic Negotiation School of Business (TNSB), a Certified Church Administrator from Church Management Consult and a Certified Sex Recovery Coach from The Sex Centre.

Adeleke David is a personal maximal effectiveness teacher, and a seasoned leadership expert whose dynamic impact has stretched across educational institutions, corporate entities, small businesses, and religious, governmental and non-governmental outfits. Adeleke coaches CEOs and executives of corporate organisations and multinationals across Nigeria and he is regarded as “The Leader’s Coach”. With a decade of immeasurable investment and experience, Adeleke hosts Africa’s premium personal effectiveness training program, EXCEPTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS Intensive, and Africa’s first ever EFFECTIVENESS CLINIC series where he helps participants diagnose their level of effectiveness using world class tests of effectiveness such as The Rightness Test of Effectiveness, The 5 Levels of Effectiveness Test, Personal Maximal Effectiveness Test and The 5 Levels of Ineffectiveness Test – all home-grown by Icon Coaching and Leadership Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.

Adeleke was a keynote speaker at Mainland Business School (MBS) Inaugural Public Lecture in February 2013, and recently gave written permission to Mainland Business School to adopt one of his training modules – TenTimesBetter Code – as a course offering. In December 2012, an astute educationist with over three decades of teaching and senior management experience with Home Science Association Schools said to Adeleke, “I thought about you, and found that you have the wisdom and maturity of a ‘fifty-something’ years old. Your words are not a result of academics but supernatural intelligence because they are just unexplainable.”

He is the Lead Coach at Icon Coaching and Leadership Centre (ICLC), and President of HUB OF ICONS – a not-for-profit organisation established to raise revolutionaries. He convenes ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT where he, along with 15 of Nigeria’s best facilitators, empowers entrepreneurs with core skills and knowledge for exceptional performance annually in three schedules of three straight days. He has facilitated at Keystone Bank Plc, Ikosi-Isheri LG of Lagos State, Mainland Business School (MBS), Lagos Empowerment Resource Network (LEARN) (Pet Project of the First Lady of Lagos State, Her Excellency, Dame Abimbola Fashola), Arch Koncepts and Ideas Ltd (Design+Build), OTS Computers, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ministry of Life International, Global Impact Church, Barnabas International, International Disciples of Christ, The Lord’s Crew (TLC) among others.

In his own favourite words, “You are an ICON!”



Have you been to the future lately?

 future imagine

The future is so far ahead that it can hardly be imagined by most people. It is as abstract as a wish from a fairy tale. The future, for many people, is like a barbed transparent fence with a sign hanging on it: MILITARY ZONE, KEEP OFF! How many times have you seen that sign and immediately jumped over the fence into the confined area? I bet you never thought of it. Sadly, that is what the future is to a lot of people.

Let me say this : There are three kinds of problem solvers: those who solve past problems, those who solve current problems and those who solve future problems. None of the three is a mediocre but not all of the three can have the same degree of influence and impact on the earth. Those who solve future problems are the real world influencers; they take a trip into the future, identify the problems people are likely to encounter there, develop solutions to those problems, then they wait for people to arrive there. The paradox is that when the people arrive there, they often never know what their problem is until the real influencers show them what their problems are, followed by the solutions. That is how such people become extraordinarily influential and wealthy.

If you cannot get into the time machine and take a trip to the future, say 35 years from now, to locate what the problems of mankind will be with respect to your area of expertise, you are not ready to receive the future; and you cannot be relevant. Every enterprise has a future, but the relevance and significance of every enterprise is dependent on the ability of the entrepreneur to arrive in the future long before mankind gets there. This is my drift, and you better catch up on the trends now so that you don’t get left behind in history.

Attend THE FUTURE OF ENTERPRISE Workshop where you will discover exactly what you need to do to stay relevant and significant in the future of your industry.

In this session, you will learn the following:

1.      How to be unusually productive in your work

2.      The secrets behind outstanding performance in a hostile environment

3.      How to be and stay significant in your field

4.      What it takes to be exceptional among similar brands

5.      The changing trends across various fields of endeavor and how they affect your enterprise and career.

6.      How to generate non-stop growth of your career, enterprise and personal life.


DATE:  Friday, April 26, 2013

VENUE: Niger Insurance House (4th Floor), 302/304 Ikorodu Road, Anthony, Lagos.

TIME: 9.00AM – 3.00PM

REGISTRATION FEE: N5,000/Participant (covers workshop materials and lunch)

TO REGISTER: Pay N5,000 to GTBank Account number 0123305467, in favour of THE ICON COMPANY. Send your payment information and personal details to the email address below.

Call these hotlines: +234 808 844 1154, +234 806 247 8090

Or send an e-mail to theiconcompany@gmail.com

Guarantee the future of your career, enterprise and personal greatness; make it a date!

You are an ICON!

Adeleke David