This is especially to CEOs but if you are an employee or an aspiring CEO reading this, you are buying yourself an advantage.


I have observed and studied the workplace for some time now and I have observed that most of the people in organizations are not any better than a computer. Before you smile about that statement, give me some paragraphs to tell you what a computer truly is.

Researchers have proved that the capacity of the human brain is the number one plus eight long pages of zeros! If your mental capacity is this infinite, why are you performing so poorly? Or why are your members of staff performing so below par? If you agree with me, you will acknowledge the fact that computers were manufactured by humans. And you will agree too that only a fraction of the human brain’s capacity was replicated into the computer.

What disqualifies a computer from getting hired?

      Computers can’t think! It is uncontestable to say that computers don’t think, or better still can’t think! Why? Because they just cannot, as well as animals cannot.

      Computers lack initiative. Computers function only with the input of a human mind. Computers cannot initiate processes on their own; they are created to process instructions that have been given to them. Same goes with many workplace people.

      Computers are not proactive. They stay “booted” idly waiting for the boss to dish the next instruction to them. If you are boss intending to shed your work load yet hire a computer, you have successfully added some bigger responsibility to the already burdensome work load you have.

      Computers are not resourceful. You cannot successfully delegate if you always delegate to a computer because you will have to come back for the report before you can get it; and better be sure that the instructions you gave are accurate. They never take a second look at what lies before them neither do they seek better ways of executing their tasks. It’s not their fault; they just aren’t wired to do so.


If you upgrade a computer, you increase their efficiency not their effectiveness. They only get better at being ineffective not better. The only way to convert a computer is to execute a total overhaul. That is change the motherboard! You need to overhaul their prevailing mindset into what makes an effective worker. This is what we call Mental Revolution; and it comes best through Coaching.


Coaching takes time to work out and it can be quite challenging especially when the “computer” in question doesn’t see any reasons why he should change. And mind you, it costs quite some. If you think your computers are inseparable from you, employ coaching. But ensure that subsequent hiring efforts do not land you more computers.

 My best advice to you is: don’t hire computers!

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Adeleke David Adeosun

 (Mr. Effectiveness)